Woven Long Coco Graduated Necklace Salmon Pink
Woven Long Coco Graduated Necklace Salmon Pink Woven Long Coco Graduated Necklace Salmon Pink

About This Material

Coco comes from the hard shell of used and discarded coconuts. This spirit of zero wastage is a strong belief WoonHung makers have. The flat disc-like shapes of these coco beads are shaped using simple scoop-tool & punched in the centre for drill-hole and it can be as small as 2 mm in size.

Product Details

  • Endlessly Woven Using Sturdy Fishing String
  • Beaded Coco Dyed Matte Salmon Pink
  • End-to-end Length Including Cotton Cord 124 cm / 49"

Care and Instructions

Every WoonHung Natural accessory comes with Sinamay straw pouch. Made with renewable material, this "see-through" Sinamay straw pouch helps WoonHung Natural accessory breathe while protecting her from dirt & abrasion. It's easy to maintain, just keep it away from direct sunlight, and store in an open space at room temperature.

Please note that designs within WoonHung.co uses materials that are natural. Therefore you can expect uneven textures and differing grains from one to another. Colour differences do occur between materials and cannot be deemed defective. It is the nature and integrity of natural material.

Is WoonHung Natural Collection child friendly?
Yes. The material, process & dyeing methods pass international standards of lead content for metal parts. The dyes are Azo free. Paint if any are lead free.
No. Babies & toddlers could choke on the small parts. Please note that these designs are delicately handmade and may become undone if handled more than what it is meant for as jewellery to be worn.