WoonHung Natural Collection


Nothing was changed to Amber Series. Amber necklace is a design that is entirely crafted by Cebu makers. When WoonHung first laid eyes on them, it was a good-to-go. The colour mixes and alternating stacking layout of a single flat disc component was just brilliant. Amber is statement, playful and simple, yet complex. It is a refreshing take on the stacked necklace.

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The Block Pendant is made of 2 components - square white wood in contrast with another square acrylic component. This is an original Cebu maker design and downsized just a little maintaining its pop colour statement, yet everyday appeal. Block Series comes in six colour combinations.

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Circus II

The Circus necklace is one of WoonHung's earliest designs and remain a hot favourite. Circus Series is a juxtaposition of modern and retro, fused into a piece of jewellery. Brought back by popular demand, the Circus II necklace has evolved from the first series. Key colours were picked to add vibrance to your wardrobe.

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Woven together with cube-shaped sustainable wood components, the WoonHung Cube Necklace is a favourite statement piece. The Cube necklace was first designed in 2018 and continues to be a staple in WoonHung Natural Collection.

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The Dot Series is one of WoonHung's earliest designs and remain a staple alongside Circus Series. Dot is made up of a small 5mm round component woven into a structured piece of adornment. Using traditional weaving, this design is updated with a modern perspective. Brought back by popular demand, The Dot necklace is  another version  from the first series - The Dot Bib Series. Bright colours were chosen to add vibrance to your wardrobe.

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Mia 2

Following the success of the first collection launched in March 2018 at Boutique Fairs Singapore, we bring you WoonHung Mia Series II. A continued and committed collaboration between Mia Watanabe and WoonHung. Proceeds from the sales of WoonHung Mia Series II will fund Anecito Panolino Elementary School in Passi, Iloilo, Philippines. Find out more from our journal page.

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Mia 3

WoonHung Mia Series is an ongoing collaboration since Nov 2018, launched first at the biggest fashion bazaar "Boutique Fairs Singapore".

Born out of a shared desire for progressive, sustainable action, the WoonHung Mia Series, created by WoonHung in collaboration with Mia Watanabe, is dedicated to Filipino domestic helpers in recognition of their sacrifices in leaving their families to come to Singapore to care for ours.

WoonHung’s Natural Collection is handmade in Cebu, Philippines, and it is only fitting to give back to its people. Proceeds from the WoonHung Mia Series will fund the Anecito Panolino Elementary School in Iloilo.

To honour the unsung heroes who care for us, we return in kind by nurturing their children, and their children’s children. Their welfare is our collective responsibility.

Find out more from our journal page.

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WoonHung Oblong Series comprises of one irregular shape that forms the necklace. Originally, the necklace design was a playful mix of shapes and colours. WoonHung singled out one shape, reworked the arrangement and simplifying to a single colour. To complete the look, add a pair of matching Oblong mismatch earrings.

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Quadrangle Q1

There are 2 parts to Quadrangle Series - Q1 & Q2. It was originally one necklace. WoonHung tore it apart, reconfigured into two, therefore renaming the necklace as Q1 and Q2. The simplified design allows the wearer to layer one or both pieces together. The colours were simplifed so that the beauty of each components take centrestage. Q2 is designed with matching earrings.

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